Songs to Know 10/6/2017

Songs to Know is a collection of the newest alternative rocks songs that you will hear more of in the coming months. Songs are from the new Alt Nation show Advanced Placement hosted by Regan (@altregan).

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POP ETC - Fingerprints / From N/A, available N/A.


Bloxx - Curtains / From N/A, available N/A.


Maggie Rogers - Split Stones / From N/A, available N/A.


snny - Young Boy / From Learning to Swim EP, available 9/8/2017.


New Politics - Color Green / From Lost in Translation, available 10/6/2017.


Cults - I Took Your Picture / From Offering, available 10/6/2017.


JR JR - Control (Secretly Sorry) / From N/A, available N/A.


Sea Girls - Lost / From N/A, available N/A.


Hippo Campus - Baseball / From N/A, available N/A.


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