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The Unofficial Alt-18 features the Top 18 songs from the weekly Alt-18 Countdown as requested and/or voted by listeners of Alt Nation on SiriusXM.

The Unofficial Alt-18 derives from the Alt-18 Countdown results being posted in a discussion board on the Alt Nation Facebook page. Soon after Spotify came to the USA, I began putting those weekly results into a playlist and it started to catch on (over 1,000 subscribers to date). Facebook subsequently removed discussion boards in favor for their new timeline layout and the weekly results went away. I took it upon myself to create a Facebook page to replace the discussion board posts, and now this site, the Unofficial Alt-18.

Results and Playlists are updated and posted on Saturdays, shortly after the first airing of the countdown show (1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PST). New Music is posted on Tuesdays and Most Airplay is posted on Thursdays, when data is available.

The Unofficial Alt-18 exists only with the help of those who find it useful by downloading songs on iTunes and/or making a donation. It costs around $500 a year for web hosting, subscriptions to maintain playlists on Spotify and Apple Music and a subscription to SiriusXM. This does not include the cost of my time to maintain it all.

The Unofficial Alt-18 is NOT affiliated with Alt Nation or SiriusXM Radio Inc. The results and playlists are created for the fans of the weekly Alt Nation Alt-18 Countdown. To help with the costs of maintaining the site, please support us by downloading songs from iTunes using any link on the site.


Any comments, questions or suggestions can be emailed to help@theunofficialalt18countdownplaylists.com.


All content on this site is © 2011-2017. No content contained on this site may be used without prior permission. 

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