New Music 11/28/2017

The following New Music has been added the regular rotation this past week for Alt Nation on SiriusXM. Click on iTunes to buy or Apple Music to stream (subscription required). / From , available .   / From , available .   ¹ Song first heard on Advanced Placement (date in parenthesis).

The Alt-8 Results 11/25/2017

Here are the results for the Alt-8 Countdown for week 47 of 2017, featuring the top 8 songs requested and/or voted by listeners of Alt Nation on SiriusXM. This week’s countdown was hosted by Regan (@altregan). Be sure to check out Songs to Know 11/24/2017, the future of the Alt-8 Countdown. ¹ Song first heard (more…)

Songs to Know 11/24/2017

Songs to Know is a collection of the newest alternative rocks songs that you will hear more of in the coming months. Songs are from the new Alt Nation show Advanced Placement hosted by Regan (@altregan). Check out the Songs to Know Playlist on Spotify and Apple Music now. Each week, the playlist is update (more…)